The Future of the Global Church

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Accessing your Digital Collection

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If you do not have a Digital Collection, you can get one by following the steps below:

  1. Purchase the Digital Collection from our store
  2. Create an account on the Future of the Global Church website
    • You WILL have to make an account on this site to access the contents of the Digital Collection
    • You can use the same email you use on the store, or a different one if you prefer
  3. Fill in your Digital Collection code (that you received from purchasing the Digital Collection) in the box below to be granted access
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  4. Once you have completed these steps, click here to start exploring the Digital Collection

What's Included on the Digital Collection?

  • Access to download The Future of the Global Church eBook in PDF format
  • Every image and map from the book in five downloadable formats
  • 60 additional, exclusive PowerPoint Presentations (with speaker's notes) made personally by the author, Patrick Johnstone
  • End-user rights that allow you to use this information in your own presentations and research

Why Purchase the Digital Collection?

  • Have instant access to all the available materials as soon as they are released
  • Download materials without having to carry around a physical DVD-ROM
  • Access these materials anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Use these materials in your own research and presentation (please consult the End-User License Agreement for specific permissions)