The Future of the Global Church

Errata Corrections for the errors found in The Future of the Global Church

The Errata section provides a list of errors found in The Future of the Global Church products, along with their corrections:

Page Error Correction
vii Muelius Muehlius
vii Justin Long of Pioneers Justin Long of Mission to Unreached Peoples
20 Bad URL:
50 missing ? ?
60 The Italians conquered British Somaliland from the British for one year in 1940. The blue line should be changed to include all of today's Somalia.
60 The third group of legend patches heading wrong My original had Communist Bloc, It is now a repeat of Second Group Unaligned (second instance) to Communist Bloc
63 (Footnote ref: 2 refs to note 25. Only the second seems correct)
Delete first ref 25.
64  Bad URL: To fit and include ISBN of out of print book, changed to "See A. Gilbert, The Holy Kingdom,"
65 Prayerbeads Prayer beads
73 ...non-indigenes who are Buddhist ... non-indigenes who are Muslim
76 9th September 11th September
120 Typo: peope  people
122 Typo: wherease
148  Page ref: 167
p. 155
155 Chonqing [province]  Chongqing
224 Bad URL:
226 Christian workers in thousands (inconsistent reference to scale and labels compared to the Christians in millions above) Christian workers
IBC Butanese  Bhutanese
IBC "lighter   shading" [extra spaces]  lighter shading

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